tux_penguinLinux is a great Operating System: open, stable, free, safe and easy to use.

Linux distributions are mostly free software. You do not need to pay any money to use it. It is that simple!

All you have to have is Internet connection that you obviously have if you are reading this, CD/DVD-R(W) disk and CD/DVD-R(W) burner. You can download disk image from Internet and then burn it to CD/DVD-R(W).


  • What if your Internet connection is very slow?
  • What if your Internet provider imposes strict restrictions on traffic you use?
  • What if you have no CD/DVD-R burner?
  • What if you have no time to spend downloading the disk image and burning it?
  • Or, what if all of these apply to you?

Then this site can help you! I will do all that for you! I will:

  1. Download the latest version of Linux distribution from the official site (if you are interested in previous versions, please contact me),
  2. Burn it to CD/DVD-R and
  3. Send it to you by post.

All you have to have in this case is a PayPal account or a credit card to pay a small fee.

What will you get? A CD/DVD-R with your favourite distribution (or potential to become favourite), which you can install on as many computers as you like!

So, why wait? Select the distribution from the list, press Add to Basket button, checkout and start checking your mailbox!

If you don’t know which distribution to choose, then read the blog where different distributions are reviewed. As a rule of a thumb, UbuntuKubuntu, Linux Mint and Zorin are the most popular and easy to use, select one of them if you still can’t choose.

If distribution has several options, they are listed in the drop-down list.

If distribution you want is not listed there, why not ask me about it? I’ll do my best to help you.