When is it time to change your operating system?

Can you imagine yourself in any of these situations?

  • You sit in front of your computer, whether a laptop or desktop, look at the screen, move your mouse and … wait until the computer is ready to take your commands. But, the  computer is too busy doing other operations to respond to your commands …

There are 1001 reasons why your Windows-based computer can behave like this. There could be issues with programs, errors in the Windows registry, running low on memory, viruses or other causes.

  • Your Windows gets … blue screen of death!
  • You need to pay (yet again…) for the newer version of your OS. Every time you upgrade your OS, you have to pay Microsoft.

Do you want to end these problems??? Yes, you do!

Try Linux!

Yes, I advise you to try the GNU/Linux operating system instead of Microsoft Windows.

What are the benefits?


  1. Linux is less susceptible to viruses! There are almost none of them.
  2. Linux is more resource efficient, so even older computers are good candidates for Linux.
  3. There are many different types of Linux-based operating systems, so you can definitely find something for your taste.
  4. Modern desktop environments for Linux operating systems are so user-friendly and flexible that you will learn them in matter of minutes, if not seconds.
  5. And there are some GNU/Linux distributions, which are specifically designed to ease the transition from Windows – their interface is more like Windows than classical Linux.
  6. Linux is free! Yes, you don’t need to pay anybody anyone for using your OS, with rare exceptions. Of course, you can donate money to the project of your choice, but this is absolutely voluntary.


Yes, I have mentioned above that there are many different Linux distributions. How can you choose the one that’s right for you? That’s what the blog Linux notes from DarkDuck is about! This blog is dedicated to reviews of different Linux operating systems from the point of view of a regular user. Like YOU! Read the reviews on this blog, choose the Linux distribution you want to try, and then …

You have two options: do it yourself or with assistance.

In order to install Linux on your computer, you will need a CD or DVD containing a Linux distribution.


  • If you are technically savvy enough, you can download the ISO image from an official resource, burn it to CD or DVD, and start using Linux.


  • If the thought of burning your own CD makes you shudder, you can buy a ready made one from buylinuxcds.co.uk for a small fee. Select your location, select the version of Linux you want to order, place the order and wait for the postman to drop an envelope into your mailbox. Don’t see the distribution of your choice in the list? Don’t despair – simply write your request in the comments form, and help will come.


When the disk with a Linux OS is in your hands, you have 2 options again … You see, Linux is full of options. Not like Windows, ergh?


  • Run Linux in Live mode. With this method, you boot directly from CD, try your new operating system and see how compatible it is with your hardware. But, be aware that all your changes will be gone when you restart your computer. This is a live session. Once you are happy and comfortable with the live session, you can continue to the next option… You can, however, choose the following option instead of a live session.


  • Install Linux. With this option, you copy your new OS to your hard drive and start using it as you normally would. And you can immediately save all your system changes and user and hardware configurations. Linux OS will set its home on your computer.


Does installing Linux mean you need to say good-bye to Windows? Of course not! It is Windows which does not coexist well with other operating systems. Linux is much friendlier. You can install Linux along with Windows. You can install several different versions of Linux on the same computer if you have enough disk space. I know a person who has 8 (eight!) systems installed. But that’s an extreme, isn’t it? You can install Linux and keep your already existing Windows. Or you can install Linux instead of Windows. It’s your choice. YOUR choice!

The time for action is now! Don’t wait until Windows crashes again! Learn Linux now! Order your own CD or DVD with Linux now!