Terms and Conditions

Please note the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Where not specified, the latest 32-bit released version is shipped, unless separately requested by customer and agreed before shipping.
  2. Delivery comes as Airmail from Cyprus.
  3. Package includes CD or DVD (CD-R, DVD-R) in a paper or plastic sleeve, dispatched in a paper envelope.
  4. All CD/DVDs are tested prior to dispatch. This guarantees you receive a quality product.
  5. If you are not happy with the CD/DVD, please return it. You will get a refund of your payment. P&P costs for return are on you. Please e-mail me with details of return before posting CD/DVD back.
  6. Dispatch to PayPal registered address only. If your PayPal address comes as “unverified”, you need to confirm it separately by request.
  7. The decision of shipping media, whether it is CD or DVD, is entirely in administrator’s hands, and is made on the image size basis. If unsure, please e-mail before placing your order.